These easy self-care tips can be incorporated into your daily routine. Improve your health and quality of life by improving the relationship you have with yourself. 

"Self-care" has become a big buzz word lately, the internet is full of articles on different ways to take care of yourself. From DIY spa days to weekend gettaways, there are fun ideas to rejuvenate and give yourself some love! However, there's been a surprising lack of daily self-care tips that just about anyone can do. Self-care need not be expensive, elaborate, or time consuming. Check out these 10 tips below: 

1) Brush your hair

It seems simple, but brushing your hair does a lot more than just detangling your locks. The action of brushing your hair guides you toward paying attention to yourself, it makes you stop for a moment and think about your wellbeing. Another great benefit, and possibly the most potent, of brushing your hair is that it stimulates the scalp and calms the body.

Brushing your hair is not an option for you? No worries, reach for a head massager or simply spend a few minutes massaging your scalp with your fingers (this is a great way to incorporate tip #4).

2) Smile at yourself

Smiles are beautiful, contagious, and warming. So when you pass by a mirror or are getting ready for your day (or night). When you smile at yourself, you boost your self-moral. Smiling is also synonymous to kindness, therefore you’re showing yourself kindness!

Having a little trouble getting a smile out? Start of by making a point to watch your reflection when you’re watching something funny or in a moment you’re feeling really good about yourself.

3) Dance

And by dance, I don’t mean professionally. Forget the choreography. You don’t even need music (although it does help). Just move your body however you feel like it. Make a fool of yourself, be silly. You can dance anywhere, anytime. You can be silly whenever you want. These movements are liberating for your mind, body, and soul. You can express yourself through movement and you can boost your mood with your humor.

Don’t want to dance? Make some silly movements. You can even present a mini play to yourself using shadow or finger puppets!

4) Touch yourself (non-sexually)

Interacting with your body can do a lot of good, including boosting self-esteem, improving attention to detail, improving circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Traditionally, Ayurveda suggests giving yourself a warm oil massage daily, a practice called abhyanga, before your bath or shower. But some of us just don’t have the time to do all of that every day! So how can we still get some of those self-lovin’ benefits? Simple, post shower moisturizing (whether it be lotion or body oil) gets you in touch with your body. As does paying extra careful attention to yourself in the shower, taking a moment or two extra to rub down and interact with your body.

We find it's important to emphasize a non-sexual, platonic touch. While sexual touch can be healthy (and that’s a whole other post) it should be done in moderation. It is important to look at ourselves through the lens of being human, non-sexual, and a being of this world. We must learn to cherish our most natural form – being a lump of cells that have been artistically crafted through various forces (the universe, God, genetics, and the past, our future, whatever they may be).

5) Pick your power look

Boost that confidence by throwing on clothes or accessories that make you feel grounded, powerful, and undefeatable. Choose comfortable, sustainable fabrics in colors that stand out to you. Try different looks, experiment. Establishing a look that makes you feel good about yourself allows you to express yourself, your personality, and helps build your self-esteem and self-confidence. Acknowledging that you are art is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself! Customizing your look or style doesn't have to be expensive either - thanks to the age of the internet, there are many tutorials and ideas on how to add a little bit of your personality into your style without breaking the bank. 

Afraid to take the leap and try something new? Start with baby steps, try accessories or colors, certain cuts. Just remember, have fun! 

6) Pay attention to your diet

This tip is relatively self-explanatory. The food that you put into yourself sends a direct message to your body about how you feel about yourself. The more nutritious the food, the more nourished your body feels. Focus most of your meals on being well balanced, nutritious, and satisfactory. You may even notice that you get less cravings when your body starts getting more nutrients! And don’t forget to follow these simple eating guidelines to optimize your relationship with food:

Having trouble maintaining a proper diet? Consider Ayurveda Nutrition Counselling – designed around boosting organ function, stamina, and overall health.

7) Unplug

Get off your phones, laptops, T.V.s, everything. Give yourself some time away from it. Even if it’s just an hour, unplug while you eat, while you spend time with your family members, while you follow tip 9. When you unplug you let your body reconnect to all of your senses. Spending too much time in front of a screen can inhibit response to stimuli. The best times to unplug? Before sleeping, while eating, while driving, and when you’re interacting with people.

Having trouble unplugging? Research indicates that the best way to rid yourself of your technology addiction is to go cold turkey. Book a trip to somewhere remote for three days, make sure there’s no internet connection and plenty of nature. You’ll come out realizing that you can, in fact, survive without technology.

8) Hug

Hug someone, something, anything. Hugging for at least 7 seconds boosts your mood and increases self-esteem. Showing affection can be liberating and comforting. Hugs can be therapeutic, when done appropriately and with respect of every member involved.

Can’t find someone to hug? If you searched around for a friend, pet, or stuffed animal and still come out empty – don’t worry! Hug yourself, face a mirror and give yourself a squeeze. You may feel silly but that’s ok! You’ll then be getting all the benefits from Tip 3.

9) Create something

The best thing you can do for yourself is to put a piece of you out into the world. Draw, sketch, cook an original recipe. In the moments when you’re being creative, you stimulate your mind and also assure yourself that you are capable of giving to this world. It’s ok, if it at first you don’t have very many positive feelings toward your creations – take this as a moment to address the thoughts and then search for something positive in your creativity. The only way we grow is to see the potential we have to be something great. You’ll begin to see yourself shine when you discover your own creative flair.

Feeling uninspired? Throw on some of your favorite music, watch some creative content creators on the internet, or whip out artwork from your childhood! Inspiration is everywhere.

10) Belong in a moment

This one is a lot simpler than it seems. All it requires of you is to hyper focus on one of your day to day activities. Figure out what each step is, why you do it. Pay attention to each and every aspect. The mundane details that you might normally ignore. This will allow you to slow down your day, and connect with your actions. Connecting with your actions inevitably allows you to connect with yourself! Boost these effects by slowing down your breathing to sync up with your actions.

When to do this? While brushing your teeth, getting dressed, driving. Anything you want!


Pretty easy, huh? I hope you're able to incorporate these into your day to day lives!