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Relationship Healing 

Build a better relationship between you and your loved one, all while growing and nurturing the relationship you have with yourself. 

This service is ideal: 

If you are trying to repair a broken relationship with your partner, spouse, siblings, parents, children, or close friends. 

If you want to solidify an already great, promising relationship. 

If you and one other person are on a journey to becoming better versions of yourself. 



Mindfulness Coaching 

Grow the relationship you have with yourself as well as working through the events of your past to build a more secure future. 

This service is ideal: 

If you are ready to address your past and move on securely into the future. 

If you need assistance with trauma, mental health, or grief without the inclusion of herbal or dietary remedies.

If you would like to amplify the impact of modern therapy methods.

If you have not been successful with modern therapy and would like to explore another modality.